Keen Eye Technologies

From the microscope
room to the
physician desk,
in a heartbeat.

Keen Eye brings you a complete framework to analyze and review your whole slide images everywhere, on every screen, delivering the statistical data you need to support your clinical assay.

Unleash the full
potential of your
image-based assay.

Imaging systems are becoming more and more sophisticated, capturing enormous amount of data at an increasingly high speed and resolution. The key challenge for successful image-based assay is to process image data as fast as possible using automated algorithms, while still providing opportunities for professional review of every step of the process to give the final decision.

Keen Eye solution delivers the very best of image analysis algorithms inside an entirely new, yet familiar software environment, propelling the throughput of your image-based assay at an industrial scale.

Visualize. Connect your whole-slide imaging system to the Keen Eye Server and take advantage of our blazing fast and easy-to-use image viewer, instantly accessible from any of your computer, laptop and tablet.
Review. Let the Keen Eye Server makes the tedious and time-consuming work for you: simply inspect each automatically detected region of interest, review and validate, until sufficient data have been gathered.
Report. Get a comprehensive statistical breakdown of your reviewed data. Export your analysis into your favorite format and share it with collaborators and medical staff.

Use it everywhere,
on every screen.

Access the Keen Eye software everywhere in your organization: whether you are in the microscope room, at your desk or in a meeting room, you can view and review your whole slide images from a tablet, discuss and share results with collaborators from any computer device. The Keen Eye solution does not need powerful and expensive computers, simply use the ones you already have and save money.

A complete framework customized for you.

The Keen Eye solution delivers a complete framework for viewing, processing and reviewing your whole slide images. Yet, each step is highly customizable to match your expectations in terms of graphical style, workflow and analyzed results.

Image Analysis.

We know how specific your images are and how that specificity is a competitive advantage for your business. Keen Eye benefits from more than 10 years of experience in computer vision and computational biology. Every algorithm embedded in our servers is custom-made to specifically process your images and achieve the performance you expect.

Good design is good business.

Our team of designers takes literally this quote at face value to bring you the most simple and efficient user experience. Keen Eye delivers intuitive and refined user interfaces, tailored to fully embrace your corporate identity.

Review process.

Reviewing your images is a critical stage, and may require a significant time and efforts. The Keen Eye solution provides you with a full array of customization to optimize the review process. Choose the way you want to visit each region of interest in your slide, the actions you want to perform on each region and decide when the review needs to stop. Choose what statistical data you want to report, display and share to your collaborators.

Simplify your IT infrastructure,
to the bare minimum.


The Keen Eye solution is designed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Simply connect the Keen Eye Server to your local network and let every collaborator of your organization instantly access the service through a web browser. No software installation is required on your computer devices.

One scanning device... or more.

No need to get a Keen Eye Server for each scanning device in your organization: the Keen Eye Server can handle multiple scanning devices all at once.


If you ask for more scalability to push your productivity an order of magnitude higher, while keeping your IT infrastructure as simple as possible, cloud computing may be the right option for your organization.

We have selected the best cloud-based technologies to implement our solution and it is ready to be fully on the air. Simply upload your anonymized data on our secure servers and benefit from a hardware-free solution.

Your business benefits.

Save time.

Making the most of your image-based assay in a limited time is critical for your business. Keen Eye strives to offer the best custom-made algorithms to help you minimizing the time you spend reviewing your slides in an efficient, accurate and reproducible way.


You are not isolated: we bring a full array of technical support to keep your productivity high, including first-line support, remote monitoring and maintenance of your Keen Eye Server.

Regulatory & compliance.

Diagnostics and medical devices industries are becoming increasingly regulated, compelling every single component of your product to meet high-expectation standards. This is also true for computer-controlled and computer-assisted applications. Keen Eye Technologies will assist you throughout the compliance process to put your product on the market.

Ease of financing.

Keen Eye Technologies is a registered private research and innovative company. Your organization can benefit from the French Credit Impot Recherche (CIR) and Credit Impot Innovation (CII) for any custom development, prototyping and evaluation of the Keen Eye Solution.

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